Contact Lens FAQ's

Contact Lens FAQ's: From Our Corpus Christi Optometrists

For people who have lived a lifetime with glasses, contact lenses it can be freeing and beneficial. Yet if you have never worked with contact lenses before, you may have some questions. Here are some FAQ’s about contact lenses.

Contact Lens Questions for New Wearers

If you are brand new to wearing contact lenses, here are some questions you might have:

How long will it take me to adjust to contact lenses?

The length of time of your adjustment period will depend on how sensitive your eyes are and the type of contacts you choose. Most people adjust within a few days to up to two weeks.

How hard is it to care for contact lenses?

At your contact lens exam, your doctor will teach you how to care for your lenses. The care is not difficult, but with the exception of daily disposable lenses, you will need to follow the proper care routine closely to ensure your lenses last as long as possible.

Can I lose a contact in my eye?

Contacts can sometimes get stuck under your eyelid, but they are never actually lost or permanently stuck. Eventually you will be able to find and remove the lens. They cannot get behind the eyes.

Questions About Contact Lens Types

What types of contact lenses can I purchase?

Your optometrist will have three main types of contacts available: hard lenses, gas permeable lenses and soft lens options. Talk to your Corpus Christi eye doctor about the specific differences in these various types of lenses.

How long can I wear my lenses?

This will depend on the type you purchase.

What if contacts don't fit me well?

Your Corpus Christi Optometrist will have access to a number of specialty lenses, including hard to fit lens types. Other specialty options include colored or theatrical contacts, lenses for astigmatism, UV-blocking lenses and bifocal lenses.

Do you have other questions about contact lenses and how they affect your eye health? Leave a comment below!

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