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Those people that play sports, they generally go out of their way to improve. They'll practice, participate in sports camps and buy expensive equipment. There may be a way to improve your game by improving your vision with a visit to Family Vision Associates.

sports vision in Corpus Christi, Tx

Family Vision is a Corpus Christi optometrist that specializes in sports vision therapy which takes eyesight vision evaluation to the next level.

It Starts with an Eye Exam with Your Corpus Christi Optometrist

Corpus Christi sports therapy starts with the basic Snellen Eye Chart eye exam. This is the test most are familiar with that uses an eye chart with increasing small letters read top to bottom. While this is a basic test, many athletes discover they have a straight line vision problem they were not aware. Of course, if a problem is discovered, many choose the LASIK correction procedure to resolve it.

Following the standard eye exam, athletes will undergo a contrast sensitivity test where their ability to detect parallel gray stripes against backgrounds of a variety of colors. Sports enthusiasts who have low contrast sensitivity may see improved performance with tinted lenses.

The Hirschberg test is an ocular alignment test that determines how the eyes work together. Knowing this can help us address issues of depth perception to improve visual coordination.

Types of Sports Vision Training

Depending on the results of your tests, Family Vision Associates will design a sports vision training plan designed on the sports you play. Sports vision training can improve:

Hand-eye coordination- which can help baseball players, in particular; anticipates and hit a fast-moving baseball.

Depth perception- to aid athletes such as downhill skiers identify and avoid obstacles and anticipate turns better.

Eye tracking ability- includes following and anticipating motion of a ball.  It often differs with a basketball, baseball, tennis ball and football.

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