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Eye Exams and Vision Testing at Family Vision Associate, Corpus Christi Optometrist

Eye and vision exams can help you and your family enjoy optimal eyesight for life. Here are just a few of the evaluations and tests we run on our Corpus Christi clientele.

Checking for Blind Spots - Blind spots in your field of vision could be indicators for glaucoma, macular degeneration or some other disorder that requires treatment. We will have you view different images through a screen to determine whether any such blind spots are present.

Vision Testing - Vision testing is a central part of any thorough eye exam. The simplest test involves reading off an eye chart to determine whether you have any trouble making out text. If we suspect a refractive error, we will have you look through an instrument called a phoropter as we try different visual correction settings. Once you can see perfectly through the phoropter, we'll write a prescription for corrective lenses.

Color Blindness Check - Color blindness can not only create potential hazards for you if you're unaware of your condition, but it can also serve as a marker for some other eye problem. We can test your color vision as one of the preliminary steps in your routine eye exam.

Slit-lamp Testing - A slit lamp shines a bright beam of light into your eye while the optometrist observes the lens, cornea, sclera and other structures through magnification. This test can help in the diagnosis of cataracts, corneal scarring, uveitis, dry eye syndrome, and other issues affecting the front part of the eye.

Glaucoma Testing - Glaucoma is an eye disease caused by excess fluid pressure inside the eye. It can cause blindness if it goes untreated, which is why early detection is so important. The most basic glaucoma test, the "puff" test, involves nothing more than a tiny puff of air into the eye. A more thorough test requires eye drops to dilate the pupil so we can see the inner structures of the eye more clearly.

Retinal Scanning - Viewing the retina at the back of the eye lets us check for diabetic retinopathy, retinal bleeding, and tearing or detachment of the retina. Modern digital technology allows us to take high-resolution photographs of your retina as part of your ongoing medical records.

Evaluating Eye Function - The muscles of both eyes must be aligned correctly and move in proper synchronization. Our optometrist will ask you to follow a pen or other object with your eyes to evaluate your eye tracking, while also looking for signs of alignment disorders such as strabismus. We will cover one eye at a time to test eye function independently. You'll also be asked to note when objects appear visible in your peripheral vision.

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